Having fun,
doing good work,
playing a part.

British actor Kenneth Haigh once said “You need three things in the theater: the play, the actors and the audience … and each must give something.” In the world of visual communication you also need three things: the message, the delivery and the audience … a perfect overlap!

When Public Radio International wanted to share its successes with program managers around the country, the message and audience were givens. However the question of delivery remained. A postcard or mailer would have worked, but it wouldn’t have allowed us to tell the full story to the audience. So we recommended a minisite: a small website with embedded audio, beautiful imagery, and a concise but compelling message that lets the viewers explore as deeply as they wish. A one-act play for the web … with audience participation and more!

Remember: The web isn’t just for what you traditionally think of as websites. It is a rich method of communication, and could be the perfect stage for your command performance.

Contact us. Whether you need help with your message, your delivery, or finding your audience, we'll help make you a tough act to follow.

Scott Lindberg