Having fun,
doing good,
drawing the inside out ...

It’s impossible to imagine what life inside prison is like unless you have experienced it. The non-profit organization, Art from the Inside (AFTI) founded by a former corrections officer, has some insight to the inside … its mission is to give a visual voice to the incarcerated and to present exhibitions of their art throughout Minnesota and beyond.

The Design Company is privileged to be a part of this work, starting with the creation of the organization’s brand, then creating the branding and print materials for AFTI’s numerous exhibits … and ultimately updating and maintaining their website. It has truely been a TDC group effort.

Pat’s initial college major was fine art until she realized the difficulty of maintaining a well-spring of creative inspiration. Her later passion of graphic design offers her a special opportunity to combine the two as she helps promote the AFTI artists living daily the existence that inspires them to create.

For Joy, the effort goes far above and beyond graphic services. Putting her docent training to work, she is thoroughly present, passionately and physically, as she curates and installs AFTI exhibitions, assists at fundraising events, develops programs for youth impacted by incarceration, as well as serving on the board.

And there is a third member of the TDC creative team working on this project. We will “officially” introduced this talented person in our next installment of … “having fun, doing good …”
Until then …

Joy, Pat & ...