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The Design Company ... keeping them in the loop

Having fun,
doing good work,
keeping them in the loop.

When your whole staff is running in circles, you need to find a way bring everyone together. When was that meeting? Who is on my project team? What am I doing here? It sounds like somebody needs to be kept in the loop.

In this instance, “The Loop” is an intranet site we created for The Wilder Foundation as a portal into all their projects. Built as a hub to facilitate communication, collaboration, and business efficiencies, it needed to be easily navigable and compelling to use. A responsive layout allows Wilder Foundation staff immediate access to a spectrum of complex and varied information from their desktop computer, a tablet, or even on the go from their smartphone. This type of open communication streamlines processes, spurs collaboration, and successfully manages the collective knowledge of your organization … no matter how complicated it may be.

If you interested in discussing a project like this, be sure to keep us in your loop. The Design Company can help.

Scott Lindberg