Having fun,
doing good work,
intersecting circles.

In 1880 John Venn identified a type of diagram highlighting the area where circles intersect, representing criteria shared in common. In 2016 our client identified a type of investment strategy that focused on where the corporate and nonprofit worlds intersect. It seemed only natural to us that the visual identity reflect Venn’s diagram.

But this newest “venn”ture is not the first time we have intersected. This client has circled back to us many times over the past 12 years: marketing needs for his start-up nonprofit Breakthrough Saint Paul; graphics for Snake Oil (a multiple award-winning party game now published by Hasbro); branding, templates and production for Cornerstone Stories, among other projects. Each one giving us something unique to wrap our heads around.

Remember, the venn of graphic design is visual clarity … the area where aesthetics and content intersect.

Don’t go ‘round in circles. Intersect with us. We’ll help you head straight to the best graphic solutions.

Pat Hayes Kaufman