Having fun,
doing good work,
wearing many hats.

Branding a game requires wearing many hats.

The client had the game concept (develop and sell a 2-word product to a customer) but was struggling with what to call it. Putting on my thinking cap, I came up with Snake Oil … and with that, it took on a life of its own … a s-s-snake mascot in a hat! … but not just one hat! There was the packaging and the game contents … 72 customer cards in the deck, each one with a unique illustration, and all consistent with the brand. And then there was marketing … website, YouTube videos and entering competitions resulting in numerous awards including Mensa! The result … a new look as the game becomes one of the Hasbro line … but still pulling customer cards out of my hat … approaching 200 of them and counting!

Oh, yes, one other hat came in handy for this project … my night cap. I often wore that to accommodate the 13-hour difference between here and the client in Beijing!

Remember, a good designer must feel comfortable in a variety of hats to successfully complete a graphic ensemble.

Contact us. We look great in whatever hat suits your communication needs-s-s. Now put your party hat on and let’s play the game!

Pat Hayes Kaufman