Having fun,
doing good work,
going strong.

There are those jobs that just go well ... the client has a well-organized list of needs, and the design process goes smoothly and successfully. Right from the get-go, this was one of those projects.

Starting with an RFP that was very thorough, the milestones were clearly marked. We presented three conceptional directions, each having its special point-of-interest, with one ultimately proving to be a clear path to the desired destination: engaging the public in a conversation about the future of Minnesota transportation. But it didn’t stopped there. The key to a really successful journey is flexibility ... being free to take the unexpected turn, merging seamlessly with the MnDOT brand, and yet still moving forward. The flexible nature of this design has allowed us to travel a slightly altered route, moving beyond the original goal of soliciting public conversation to the reporting of the final transportation plan and its implementation.

Remember, projects go smoothly with a well-defined map and an openness to exploring new directions.

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Pat Hayes Kaufman