Having fun,
doing good work,
parting the clouds.

Thinking of myself as a staunch print person, I am (somewhat reluctantly) confronted more and more by “the cloud.” Are design principles the same for print as they are for the virtual world? YES, but the sky’s the limit when designing for cyberspace. So how does this work for those of us on the ground?

This customer creates virtual environments; their product lives in “the cloud.” But their needs started with a basic of every business: a logo and business card — on paper. Even though paper is static, their product is not. We designed a logo that reflects their business, capable of changing shapes without losing integrity … and the business card, their primary leave-behind piece, does the same.

Remember, a successful business launch starts with good ground control.

Contact us. Regardless of where your project lives, good design always shines through.

Joy Yoshikawa