Having fun,
doing good work,
setting the wheels in motion.

Over 30 years have rolled by since a local Meals on Wheels affiliate approached us to design a simple brochure. Months after the mailer hit the streets, one element was gaining some traction far beyond its original intent.

What started as a small motif used in this pro bono effort accelerated and became the driving force for a new identity. We had inadvertently delivered a dynamic logo to their doorstep. And it didn’t stop there. Other affiliates across the country still continue the momentum by asking to adopt the logo. While we can hardly call it a movement, it does show that even a project with humble beginnings has the potential to take us to unexpected places.

The creative process is often a path of surprising twists and turns. The astute designer (and client) will seize opportunities as they present themselves along the way.

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Pat Hayes Kaufman