Having fun,
doing good work,
making it sparkle.

When a long-time friend asked Pat to create a new brand identity for their upscale, downtown Chicago champagne bar/jazz club/retail store concept, she knew the project would be as complex as the wines they offer. With this blend of three spaces — Pops for Champagne, Pops Jazz Club and Pops Shop — she set a goal to distill the look down to a haut classic. It is an identity system with no logo … or hardly even a wordmark. Mimicking the Parisian style of the ‘20s when jazz and champagne united, a few common elements were created to be mixed-and-matched as well as other consistent visual clues such as typography and palette.

And to perfectly complement the identity, the Pops website features three unique but simple animations to set the mood for the visitor to the site as well as to the bar, club and store. Meant to attract rather than distract, the subtle but striking interface welcomes the visitor with imagery that balances effervescence and maturity.

So come on in, sit down, and lets chat. We can help make your project sparkle.

Scott Lindberg