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In 2004, Wilder Research called on us to design “Metro Trend Watch”, a printed report full of Twin City data, trends and maps. But in order to keep information current, they knew a website was needed and we were pleased to design the Twin City Compass identity and interface as well as a companion annual snap shot, Compass Points.

Several years after helping deploy the very successful Twin Cities Compass website, The Design Company was once again approached by Wilder Research for help to retool their very popular initial concept expanding to cover the entire state of Minnesota instead of just the Twin Cities region. With a total of seven regions in the new Minnesota Compass website, Wilder needed to deliver almost ten times more data. The Design Company developed an information architecture that would allow easy access to all this information, and designed the site interface and navigation for clean, clear, and concise presentation that would be able to grow with the site, and developed for a high level of accessibility using forward-thinking technology to provide many more years of success for Wilder and their partners.

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Scott Lindberg