Having fun,
doing good work,
embracing change.

The passage of time requires change. The Minnesota Department of Health has often looked to TDC to help them embrace this inevitability, whether it was for their main website, the Minnesota Health Information site, or multiple other projects. The most consistent element of the web is its constant change. So when MDH approached us five years ago about updating the site we’d designed for them in 2004, we knew there were many changes to face: changes in technology, changes in audience, changes in marketing.

Tremendous growth had made the existing MDH site difficult to navigate and to manage. In tandem with the department’s web team, we reworked the navigation and presentation so that it was both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. To make the site fully compatible with 2011 web browsers, we restructured the entire framework into a clean and forward-thinking format.

Remember, when your website needs a change of face, make sure you’re facing forward.

Contact us. We’ll make change WORK for you.

Scott Lindberg