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being responsive.

Mobile devices accounted for 55 percent of US internet usage in January 2014 according to a study done by research firm Enders Analysis. The 2014 Digital Consumer Report from Nielsen supports these numbers, showing that cellphone and tablet use have quickly overtaken the desktop computer as Americans’ primary tool for using the internet. So how should we respond?

When the Minnesota Transportation Center came to us for their web and brand design, they might not have been aware of those specific statistics, but they knew they wanted a “responsive layout” to allow their website to function in a consistent and singular manner without the need to maintain two sites … a mobile version and a desktop version. A responsive layout’s fluid grid automatically adjusts the site to fit each user’s unique viewing area. So as the number and type of devices continues to increase in the marketplace, we can ensure the site delivers an optimal viewing experience for the visitor no matter the type, brand or size of device they’re using.

We at The Design Company pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers’ needs. And we know it is equally important that your website is responsive to the needs of your visitors.

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Scott Lindberg