Having fun,
doing good work,
adapting to change.

Websites constantly change, more so than virtually any other type of business communication. A site’s content can — and should — keep evolving to stay relevant. And, even more importantly, an organization’s purpose or focus can also evolve … shifting gradually over time. Sometimes the process of redesigning a website is the perfect opportunity to test the DNA of your mission.

We began the redesign process for the HealthForce Minnesota website like we would any other site: with a thorough evaluation of what the old site was saying, and how it was being said. Through that process we learned quite a bit … and so did our client. As a result we were able to step back and look at the project together, determining a change of scope and approach that would lead us all to the best outcome for success.

Design is never a “one size fits all” solution. At it’s best, design is evolutionary … solving old dilemmas and adapting to changing environments.

Contact us. It’s a natural selection.

Scott Lindberg