Having fun,
doing good work,
making stock an asset.

The benefits of stock photography are clear … widely diversified and less expensive. But there is a downside; unlike the stock from Wall Street, a stock image that becomes too popular actually decreases in value.

When we use stock, we significantly eliminate that risk. How? We don’t see stock simply at its face value; rather, we see it for its potential. Take, for example, the poster series made entirely of stock images. Few of the photos were used “as is” … color images were turned to grayscale, green stripes on shoes were changed from orange, a slot and label were added to the can. Because we are capable manipulators of stock, we can turn them into assets far beyond their basis and at a cost much lower than custom photography. That's a great ROI.

A good designer can take a stock image as simply a starting point and then compound its interest for a positive yield.

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Pat Hayes Kaufman