Having fun,
doing good work,
looking back to pay it forward.

Looking back over centuries of cultural history, there is a wealth of ethnic fables, often forgotten, that still offer us timeless insight. Paying forward these moral tales would enhance our transglobal understanding, particularly as families culturally blend and communities become more diverse.

Our client, a rising entrepreneur, uses crowdsourcing to gather emerging artists’ royalty-based contributions into a catalog of freshly “recrafted” stories inspired by our collective cultural past … and then gives customers the online opportunity to combine four of these stories in any of three languages into personalized books. The design challenge was to develop a brand and consistent story framework that encourages artistic freedom AND visually unites the diverse illustration styles from cover to cover. A semi-finalist in the MN Cup Awards, this project has received accolades for the brand, the book and the website, and for its social mission, and for embracing the public benefit corporate model which will ultimately “pay it forward” further by supporting nonprofits with similar social missions.

… And, just in case you didn’t notice, TDC’s mission statement has evolved in a similar direction. While “making a profit” has been vital for sustainability, it has also allowed us to give back to the community in many ways. Our “recrafted” tagline better reflects what we have been happily doing for decades: “paying it forward.”

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Pat Hayes Kaufman