Having fun, doing good work, honoring Scott ...

In July 2000, Joy Yoshikawa and Pat Hayes Kaufman welcomed a newcomer into the firm. Consistent with our mission, The Design Company was determined to ... "have fun, do good work, and make a profit..." with the help of a young man, Scott Lindberg. Scott would add a new dimension to this women-owned small business. Not only was he a guy(!), he was a talented web designer ... something The Design Company desperately needed as we moved into the new millennium.

Scott was in our office for six years when his life took a change in the name of love. Moving to Illinois would typically end a job ... but not for us! Just as we were cutting-edge female entrepreneurs in the 70s, so, too, were we cutting-edge employers, enabling and encouraging Scott to work remotely. We knew this would work because we knew Scott and his amazing work ethic. There was never any doubt where he would be at 9am on Monday morning ... sitting at his desk, working diligently at his projects, many of them still for The Design Company.

With this move, he took the opportunity to develop his other interests. He began his own business, New Documents, and expanded his influence, becoming an expert in the world of mid-century design as a curator and speaker. He moved twice more ... always maintaining his connection with The Design Company, working on our projects literally up to the very end. Scott passed away April 27, 2020 after a battle with cancer.

The Design Company was privileged to work with Scott for 20 years. Many of you had the opportunity to work with him and came to know Scott as a man of extraordinary professionalism and talent. We came to know him not only as a colleague but as a valued friend; we continue to be grateful for his presence in our lives. The Design Company will truly miss him.

... and remembering him.

Over the past few years, our mission has evolved to reflect what we have been doing for decades, "paying it forward." If you would like to pay it forward in Scott's honor, here are two of the organizations accepting memorials in his name. Letterform Archive or Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Having fun.
Doing good work.
Honoring Scott.

Scott Lindberg

Scott Lindberg

  • Expertise in user interface design and development, print design and production
  • Curator and owner of New Documents, a gallery specializing in important 20th century graphic design