Having fun,
doing good work,
crunching numbers.

How do you crunch 26 pages into 2 containing: 4 logos, 4 quotes, 15 data call-outs, 5 graphs, 3 paragraphs of text, 4 bullet points, 2 addresses, a list of 100+ partners – and still use 10 point type?

Scrubs Camp, an initiative of HealthForce Minnesota, provides hands-on experience in health sciences for middle and high school students. They needed their numbers to showcase their success, maintain their brand, and to reflect the the spirit of fun and engagement that these camps provide.

So, to answer the initial question, you could “beat it to fit and paint it to match” or you can have us organize, prioritize, and design your information to fit who you are – and the space you have.

When it's crunch time, you know where to find us.

Joy Yoshikawa